Dealing with extenders can become hectic if you don’t follow the right steps! This is why it is always advised to follow the right procedure without skipping any of the steps. Yes, it is true that you will face many issues while setting up the procedure for the very first time. You don’t know how to use the IP address correctly to avoid coming errors. To regulate the process of wireless extender setup without facing errors, you need to keep a few things in mind.  Here in this small guide, you will get to know about the same.

If you want to learn about the correct IP address of your extender and login information, then you have clicked the right page. We are discussing some of the common issues that you might face during the setup process and their possible solutions.

  • In Case Your Network Connection But You Don’t Find Any Internet Access –

It might sound impossible but many users face this type of situation. In such a situation, it is advised to unplug the extender and plug it in again after some time. You can also go for setting the device in the same way. Using a reliable Ethernet cable, you can connect your desktop computer or laptop to your extender.

  • In Case Your Device Crashes Regularly –

If you need to restart your device on a regular basis, then there is a prominent need to fully reset your device. You will find a reset button in the majority of the extenders. All you need is to press this button for a few seconds using a thin paper clip. After a while, you will see the extender should default from factory settings.

  • Losing The Wi-Fi Connection –

Due to the issue of a fast start up in Windows 10, you might face this issue. Due to the existence of this, certain processes keep on running in the back. As a result, there might be a bug with wireless drivers. This prevents you from connecting to Wi-Fi properly. To avoid this situation, you will need to turn off the fast startup option and start searching for power options in Windows 10 Search bar. After that, you should go to the control panel and look for a new section shutdown settings. It is also advised to update the drivers of Windows 10 to eliminate this kind of situation in the longer term.

  • Forgot The Wi-Fi Password –

There are many users who tend to forget their Wi-Fi password or username or both. At this point in time, it is advised to recover the password by following a certain procedure. This is why it is advised to note down the password and username on some notes for cards. If you haven’t done that, the last option is to reset the device and switch it on again. The extender will get back to its default settings. Now you can fill in the default username and password to get to the settings page of the extender.

In conclusion, these are some of the common issues that you might face while regulating the process of Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender. Make sure you use the appropriate wireless extender setup details to avoid popup messages of errors.